Welcome to The New GSS Website!

Welcome to the new website for Government Sales Specialists! As we begin 2018, we are entering our 15th year of business, and wanted to take this opportunity to unveil our new line of services to help you achieve success in the Federal Government.

Of course, we still offer our full suite of outsourced Federal Sales services that we have been perfecting over the past 15 years. Including marketing, research, sales, and executive services; we handle the sales process throughout the entire pipeline, from qualification to closing. We are also still offering our Marketing & Research program, which represents a scaled down version of our full Federal Sales program, with complete marketing and research services to help you qualify leads in the Federal space. This program can include a full deep dive research report, outlining your specific market, and giving you a complete playbook for what you need to do to succeed in the Federal Government.

Additionally, we are excited to offer Government Consulting services, helping your business draw out a game plan, and develop an effective strategy, whether you’re just entering the Federal space, or want to perfect your current efforts and increase revenue. We can integrate ourselves into your business, understanding your inner workings, and applying our extensive knowledge of the sales process of the Federal Government to help tailor a program that best suits the strengths and goals of your organization.

We are also debuting our long-anticipated Training and Intelligence services. While in their testing phases for some time now, we are officially releasing these services for 2018. Our Training program is designed to help equip your team with the knowledge they need to succeed in the Federal space, and can be taught at any skill level, from beginners, to seasoned experts.

Finally, our Intelligence application, which will be seeing its full-scale release later this year, is an app that can bring all the knowledge of the needs of the Federal Government to the palm of your hand. It is an essential tool for any salesman as they prep for meetings and work to close deals. We share our privileged information and extensive knowledge of the Federal Government with you, all via a simple, configurable, easy to use mobile or desktop application.

To learn more about these exciting new services, and which could be a good fit for your business, please give us a call at 240-482-4720 or email us at info@gssfedsales.com.