Misconceptions of the Government Sales Cycle

One of the biggest concerns we hear from people that are considering whether or not they should enter the government space is over the time it takes to close a deal with the government. The misconceptions behind this have prevented many organizations from even trying to sell to the biggest technology buyer in the world. And we would like to put those misconceptions to rest, and provide guidance on the best ways to invest your time and resources to show the greatest return possible.

Common Misconceptions of the Government Sales Cycle

The Government is a very large place with a very daunting procurement process for the uninitiated. And while the size and diversity of the government makes it difficult to provide an exact answer for how long it will take to close a deal, many people assume that answer is measured in years.

While that may be true in some cases, we have closed 7 figure deals in as little as 6 weeks, and had some multi-million dollars take as long as two years. It’s hard to assign a concrete number, but a generally accepted range is between 2 months to 2 years, and here at Government Sales Specialists we typically produce some concrete results or have a forecast in place by the 6 month mark.

Earn Revenue from the Government Faster

We tell our clients that it’s best to think of government deals as something similar to large enterprise deals. They show much larger returns than your standard deal, but that also means that sometimes the deal takes longer to organize, and to close. But the size of the deal makes the investment of time and resources are well worth it due to the size of the deals.

Additionally, if it is approached properly from the start, with the correct procurement process, and a knowledge of the government space, and how it works, these deals can be closed in a much shorter timeframe. Government Sales Specialists has been closing deals like this and helping organizations accelerate their government sales programs for 15 years.

Samples of Our Past Work

Follow the link for a graph of sample deals, showing deal size in relation to the amount of time it took to close the deal, for an idea of the sort of deals we have closed for our clients. And please contact me to discuss what sort of deals like these we can find and close for your organization. Click here to see our Sample Deals Graph.