This monthly Marketing & Research Subscription service is generally recommended as a continuation of the Comprehensive Market Intelligence Report. In this package, we offer full support from the Government experts on our marketing and research teams. These individuals will work to create federally directed marketing campaigns, including social media support, email blasts, “federalization” of current marketing materials, and support for new collateral or live events.

To compliment the branding and lead generation efforts created by our marketing team, our research professionals will identify and qualify opportunities in the federal space for our client to pursue. These will be sought out by utilizing our top-level contacts and unique positioning as “trusted advisors” to the Federal Government, and deep understanding of the developing needs of Federal agencies.

  • Evaluation – We will study current or past marketing campaigns and collateral and evaluate their potential success in the federal marketplace, and make suggested improvements to current collateral, as well as recommendations for future material.
  • Federalization – We “Federalize” our client’s marketing materials, ensuring that they are tailored to the language of the Federal Government.
  • Email Campaigns – GSS will conduct periodic direct email marketing campaigns, targeted at our vast database of reliable federal contacts for branding and lead-gen purposes.
  • Social Media Support – An evaluation of the Federal positioning of our client’s social media efforts will be conducted, and we will offer suggest content and copy for one federally directed social media post a week, which can be used across multiple platforms.
  • Identification of Opportunities – Utilizing our top level contacts in the Federal Government, will identify and qualify opportunities for you to pursue.
  • Introduction to Federal Executives – During our frequent meetings with top federal officials, we will introduce client’s solution to establish any potential opportunities.