Our Comprehensive Market Intelligence Report is based on a 2-month engagement where the executives and research teams at GSS will conduct a thorough market analysis of a client’s solution and it’s prospective federal positioning. During this time, the team will develop a federal sales playbook with the knowledge gained to help the client understand the processes of the Government and achieve success in an efficient manner.

We utilize our extensive knowledge of the federal landscape, and our rich network of valuable connections, as well as a deep understanding of our client’s services and solutions to create a Market Intelligence Report outlining the results of these findings, including interviews with up to dozens of federal decision makers, relevant intelligence, both published and internal opportunities, competitive landscape and qualified leads.

  • Extensive Two Month Research Project – Over the course of the 2-month Market Intelligence engagement the marketing and research teams at GSS will conduct a thorough market analysis, and develop a federal sales playbook with the knowledge gained.
  • Methodology – Our methods and sources include first-person interviews with government executives, members of the system integrator community, open source intelligence and perhaps most importantly, the GSS Internal Opportunity Database.
  • Market Intelligence Playbook – The Market Intelligence playbook will represent the culmination of the comprehensive research report, and is designed to arm our clients with the knowledge and information they need to be successful in the federal space.
  • Establishing Federal Positioning – The report will include relevant market intelligence, published and internal opportunities, qualified leads, and will provide a market strategy for our clients.
  • Optional Continuation – After the completion of the report, there is an optional Marketing & Research subscription service that provides effective marketing campaigns and provides updates on new opportunities tailored to the client’s offering as outlined in the Market Intelligence Report.